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    What different model lines of the 360 rotating camera for party are available?

    Meanwhile,; here are the various model lines of the 360 rotating camera for party and their distinguishing features:360 LED Photo Booth Auto

    360 Automatic Photo Booth


    1. Photobooth machines feature compatibility with many different versions of photo capture technology; Whether you are using a smartphone, iPad, GoPro or DSLR camera, it will bring you the amazing video effect.360 LED Photo Booth Auto

    2. The bottom structure of the platform is used the rocker arm separation support structure to avoid the shaking of the shooting caused by the shaking of people on the platform. 360 photo booth for sale cheap

    3. This 360 photo booth machine and its accessories will be packed by wheel flight case, which is portable and convenient to carry when you make a outdoor live broadcast. 360 photo booth for sale cheap

    4. 360 photo booth machine products use DC motors, which are lighter in weight, more stable in operation, and have lower noise than most machines on the market.


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